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Regular Career Fairs & Active Recruiting Programs Support Business Growth in Springfield, Ohio

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

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Workforce development and recruitment starts early in Springfield, Ohio and Clark County. Here, young students take tests designed to determine their career aptitude and what they might be interested in. As students enter high school the opportunities increase as students are prepared for internship and job training programs. “We do a lot to prepare our students for in-demand jobs,” said Kaitlyn Tyler, Talent and Education Coordinator for the Greater Springfield Partnership. “By reaching students early, we are exposing them to career opportunities, connecting them with employers, and making it more likely that they will work in Springfield and Clark County after graduating.”

The Greater Springfield Partnership Hosts Regular Career Fairs & Recruiting Events

“A big part of my job is going into the schools and connecting with students directly,” said Tyler. “In Springfield, we don’t wait for students to seek out employment. We go to them, share information on available jobs and training opportunities and take an active role in the recruiting process in order to support our business community.” On November 2nd, for example, Tyler hosted a mini career fair at Tecumseh High School.

She also coordinates larger events. For example, Cliff Park High School is having Job Discovery Day November 16th which will include businesses from the healthcare industry, construction industry, manufacturing industry, and business as well as the military and post-secondary education. “We expose students to a broad range of options so they can pursue their passion and connect with the educational resources and businesses that can help to make them happen,” said Tyler.

Workforce Development & Recruitment is a Top Priority in Springfield, Ohio

“Workforce development has been a priority of ours for over a decade,” said Horton Hobbs IV, Vice President of Economic Development for the Greater Springfield Partnership. “Our objective has always been to support our business community and ensure that management can hire trained talent to expand operations. Because this isn’t new to us, we’re really good at it. You won’t find a better or more comprehensive workforce development and recruitment program anywhere else. If talent matters, you need to come to Springfield, Ohio.”

For more information on workforce development and recruitment in Springfield, Ohio and Clark County, contact Kaitlyn Tyler. For information on available sites and incentive programs, contact Horton Hobbs IV.

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