For many it’s somewhere between a town and a city. It’s a place that has cultural offerings like theaters, a performing arts center and a summer music festival. It provides strong schools, community colleges and universities. It offers recreational facilities like an ice rink, waterpark and a kayaking venue.

Springfield is just such a community — large enough to support abundant city amenities, but  small enough so that all can work together and allow Springfield to be stronger than the sum of its parts.

No Place Like Home

LivingYou’ll find that living in Greater Springfield reaps the double benefit of affordability and convenience — allowing you more time and money to enjoy the good things in life — all close to home.




Arts & Culture

ArtsCultureThe legacy of commitment to culture and the arts lives on in a city that boasts its own symphony orchestra, first-class history museum, art museum and modern performing arts complex – amenities that keep the arts and culture at the community’s center stage.




Parks & Recreation

ParkRecreationWith so many parks and trails and places to enjoy basketball, baseball, kayaking, bouldering and hockey…and more…Greater Springfield, indeed, is a reservoir of recreation.





DowntownSpringfield’s downtown is not just the center of our city – it’s the heart of our community. That is why we continue to invest our time, heart and resources into creating a thriving center where people come together to do business, be entertained and celebrate.





EducationIn Springfield and Clark County, students are afforded educational opportunities that will not only lead them into the wider world but to an understanding of how they can contribute by staying in their own communities.





HealthcareWhen it came time to construct new modern medical facilities for Clark County, hospital leaders didn’t hesitate. They set their sights on the community’s center, its downtown.




Community Festivals

FestivalsFestivals always mean family fun, and Clark County contributes at least its fair share. Our longest-running festival – the Summer Arts Festival – is also our most recognized and loved. This free, month-long celebration of music and fun has been taking place between the scenic cliffs along Buck Creek for nearly 50 years and draws attendees from across the region and state.



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