You Can Reach Springfield and Move Products In and Out Quickly

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Manufacturing and logistics companies need to know about Springfield, Ohio. When it comes to location, convenience and transportation, Springfield cannot be beat. Businesses can reach the city and move products in and out very quickly. This is primarily due to Springfield being located at the intersection of major interstates, having two major airports nearby and being a rail-served community.

Interstate Access in Springfield and Clark County

Clark County has immediate access to Interstate 70 and Interstate 675.  With Interstates 71 and 75 in close proximity, the location provides easy access to many profitable markets. Within the region, Springfield is located 25 miles from Dayton, 45 miles from Columbus, and 75 miles from Cincinnati – an easy drive for logistics companies serving the area. In addition, the immediate interstate access makes it possible to reach the majority of the US population in under a day.

Rail Access

Companies looking to transport raw materials or finished products can easily do so using the rail lines running through Springfield. The Clark County community is served by the Indiana and Ohio Railway, a shortline railroad with nearly 600 miles of rail, and Norfolk Southern.

Easy Access to Three Airports

From Springfield, businesses have three options for air travel. Clark County has an outstanding air facility located at 1251 W. Blee Road, S.R. 794, two miles south of Springfield and I-70.  As a major military unit and vital component of the area’s economy, the airport provides travel and cargo needs for both citizen and business activities. In addition, the Dayton International Airport and Port Columbus airport provide passenger and commercial service less than an hour away.

Manufacturing Companies Benefit from Springfield’s Convenient Location

Convenient transportation access is essential for controlling the cost of getting goods to market. Companies located in Springfield enjoy the benefits of being centrally located close to the majority of the U.S. population, while having immediate interstate access. 

Here are just a few of the companies who are manufacturing in Springfield, Clark County and contributing to the region’s maker’s ecosystem.

  • HDI Landing Gear. This aerospace manufacturer works with Boeing and thrives in Springfield. 
  • Yamada. The automotive manufacturer needed a U.S. location where they could easily reach major automotive companies. Clark County was an easy choice!
  • Cascade. Known for manufacturing lift truck attachments and related products, Cascade has is benefiting from Springfield’s immediate interstate access – something they need for transporting products throughout the country. 
  • Topre. Topre manufactures a variety of products from air conditioning units for vehicles to electronic equipment. Though the company already had large locations in the United States, they chose to grow in Springfield. 
  • Silfex. Silfex is the world's largest custom silicon growing facility and provides services including prototyping and manufacturing. They needed easy access to all U.S. markets, making Springfield an ideal location for their headquarters.
  • Dole. In Springfield, Dole benefits from the ability to access raw materials from midwestern farmers before transporting finished products to market. 

Join Springfield’s Manufacturing and Logistics Companies

We encourage you to join companies like Dole and Silfex in discovering the many benefits of locating in Springfield, Ohio. Afterall, this is the Springfield you need to know about! Contact us for more information. 


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