This is the Springfield You Need to Know About

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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There are over 35 Springfields in the United States. This is the one you need to know about!

Springfield, Ohio is an Accessible Logistics Hub

Springfield, Ohio is one of the most accessible and centrally located communities within the United States. Springfield is in an interstate triangle at the intersection of I-70, I-675 and near the Crossroads of America (where I-70 and I-75 converge). Simultaneously, this is a rail-served community with immediate access to main line and short line railroad. Those wishing to travel or send goods via air can use the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport or fly out of international airports in Dayton and Columbus, both under 45-minutes away. As a centrally located logistics hub, Springfield cannot be beat. From Springfield, Ohio, businesses can move people and products in and out quickly.

Springfield, Ohio is a Manufacturing Center

Springfield, Ohio is a Maker-community. Manufacturing has defined the community for decades, creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem that goes hand-in-hand with craftsmanship and the skilled trades. Generations of residents have worked to craft some of the finest products made within the United States and this is a history for which the community is incredibly proud.

Virtually anything can be made in Springfield from food products, like those made by Dole, to trucks produced by Navistar employees, to the automotive parts made at Yamada North America. Companies like Tech II, HDI Landing Gear, Yamada, Cascade, Topre, Silfex, Dole, Woeber Mustard, McGregor Metalworking, Navistar, Sutphen and many others are leveraging Springfield’s skilled and loyal workforce to produce high quality products that are shipped throughout the United States and the world. “If you make it and it needs to get to market there’s no better place to be than here,” said Horton H. Hobbs IV, Vice President of Economic Development for Expand Greater Springfield.

Springfield’s Location is Ideal for the Food Industry

In Springfield, Ohio, food products manufacturers and value-added agricultural companies have near immediate access to the raw materials necessary to produce their products. With close proximity to farmers and access to fresh, delicious ingredients, food products companies located in Springfield have a competitive advantage. In addition, Springfield’s infrastructure and immediate access to the interstate and rail, make shipping finished products both easy and economical. These assets are some of the reasons German companies have been looking at Springfield to grow in North America.

Springfield, Ohio is a Cultural Hub

Though most commonly known for its accessibility, manufacturing center, access to raw materials and skilled workforce – Springfield, Ohio is a cultural hub, providing residents with access to art, entertainment and outdoor activities. Springfield is a city on the rise, undergoing a revival driven by makers, artists, innovators and entrepreneurs. There is a vibrancy to Springfield and the community has been investing in redevelopment, especially downtown.

In Springfield, residents and visitors can stroll brick streets while finding treasures at the farmer’s market, listen to live bands play at indoor and outdoor venues, visit a world-class museum, play a round of golf, ride a bike, kayak down the river, feast on local delicacies, try a craft brew and unwind. There is something for everyone in this cultural center of Ohio.

This is the Springfield you need to know about!

While there are many Springfields in the United States, only one provides businesses and residents with the amenities of Springfield, Ohio. Life is happening here. Businesses are growing here and there is endless opportunity.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about Springfield, Ohio and to explore our great city for yourself.

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